The Academy for Health Counseling, a Specified Nonprofit Organization

Invitation to Qualify as a Social Skills Trainer

  The Academy for Health Counseling aims to spread SAT social skills to enable ordinary citizens to realize their goal of "sharing with my love a life in which I truly love myself." Toward this end, AHC has launched a course for training certified SAT Social Skills Trainers.
  Social skills are techniques that enable people to satisfy the demands they share as human beings, namely, the demand for desired affection, the demand for self-trust, and the demand for affection. Students in this course enjoy receiving training in various social skills, including basic group counseling skills.

  In this course, students learn the educational techniques used in social skills training as they go through the various steps shown in the flow chart below. Today social skills training is in demand as life skills education taught in school, as mental toughness education or stress management education taught at work, and as part of general civic education. But there are very few effective programs or education instructors adequately versed in this field. The AHC program is structured on the basis of behavior science, so students are fully versed in social skills when they complete the course starting with Step 1.
  If you are interested, we hope you will challenge yourself.