The Academy for Health Counseling, a Specified Nonprofit Organization

SAT Health Psychotherapists

Requirements for SAT Health Psychotherapists

  1. Be a member of AHC, a SAT Imagery Therapist.
  2. Have clinical training experience, including at least one year of internship in your area of expertise under the guidance of a@SAT Health Psychotherapist Trainer.
  3. Having PhD or Put together an original paper on a clinical case in your area of expertise.
  4. Once every three years, before your certification as a SAT Health psychotherapist expires, renew it by submitting a record of your clinical study.
  5. The cost of renewing certification is included in the fee for renewing the certification of SAT Health Psychotherapists.

Designated institutes for training professional SAT therapist interns

Mental health SAT therapist Academy for Health Counseling, an incorporated nonprofit organization Ichikawa, SAT Therapy Center (3min. on foot from Motoyahata Station, Sobu Line)
Psychosomatic SAT therapist
Cancer SAT therapist
Diabetic SAT therapist
Obitsu Sankei Clinic (in front of Ikebukuro Station)
Jingumae Clinic (in front of Omotesando Station)