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Introduction to IJSAT

Aim and Scope

The International Journal of Structured Association Technique (IJSAT) is an interdisciplinary journal of sociology, psychology, anthropology, biology, physiology, management and health sciences. The mission is to take advantage of the right hemisphere activities of the human brain to explore the mind, body, and society through the structured association technique. Social skill developers, promoters, managers, consultants, counselors, educators, and health practitioners are invited to make contributions on any problem-solving research that promptly and effectively promotes human wellness.


Tsunetsugu Munakata, PhD, University of Tsukuba, Japan
Sayuri Hashimoto, PhD, University of Tsukuba, Japan


Francis N Onuoha, PhD, JSPS Fellow, Nigeria
Noriko Higuchi, PhD, University of Tsukuba, Japan


Jessica P Campano, PhD, Capitol University, Philippines
Chenying Lui, PhD, Haerbin Normal University, China
Kei-Ichiro Kobayashi, PhD, Japan
J Gary Linn, PhD, Tennessee State University, USA
Reinhold Kilian, PhD, University of Ulm, Germany
Linda Bell, PhD, University of Indianapolis, USA
Makoto Hosaka, DDS, Chiba Health College, Japan
Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good, PhD, Harvard Medical School, USA
Thabo T Fako, PhD, University of Botswana, Botswana
Mitsuki Nireki, PhD, Rissho University, Japan
Pornsuk Hunnirun, HSD, Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand


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Back number

The Journal No. 1 (2007)

Original Articles

  1. Tsunetsugu Munakata:
    Building SAT Therapy to Activate Anti-Cancer Genes and Immunologic Function for Cancer Treatment PDF download
  2. Kei-lchiro Kobayashi, Sayuri Hashimoto, Takashi Hayashi, Shigeko Sakamoto, Miyo Hori, Ryoichi Obitsu, Kazuo Murakami, and Tsunetsugu Munakata:
    Treatment of Patients with Cancer for Stressful Emotion Transmitted from Ancestry by Using Genetic and Immunologic Data as Barometers PDF download
  3. Noriko Higuchi, Tsunetsugu Munakata, and Sayuri Hashimoto:
    SAT Self-image Script Changing Therapy for Psychogenic Visual Disturbance PDF download

PDF download [PDF: 4,815KB]

The Journal No. 2 (2008)

Original Articles

  1. Kyoko Yajima and Sayuri Hashimoto:
    A Study of Supportive Intervention for Stress Reduction and Perceived Confidence of Child-Rearing Mothers PDF download
  2. Kyoko Tanaka and Tsunetsugu Munakata:
    Examining Effects of Human Relation Skill Using Genetic Temperament Concept on Stress Management: 3-month-followup Intervention PDF download
  3. Kei-Ichiro Kobayashi and Tsunetsugu Munakata:
    Shift in Frequency of Voice Accompanied with Emotional Change in a Cancer Patient PDF download

PDF download [PDF: 711KB]

The Journal No. 3 (2009)

Original Articles

  1. Noriko Higuchi and Tsunetsugu Munakata:
    Long-term prognosis of psychogenic visual disturbances (PVD) in children following SAT therapy PDF download
  2. Tsunetsugu Munakata:
    Reconstructing Life and Society with SAT Therapy: Foundations of the New Generation CBT PDF download
  3. Noriko Higuchi, Kazue Nakashima, Kiriko Murakami, Ryoichi Obitsu, and Tsunetsugu Munakata:
    Comparative examination of the effects of the SAT-DVD Learning Program Therapy and the Qigong (the traditional Chinese breathing exercise) Therapy to alleviate stress in cancer survivors PDF download

PDF download [PDF: 932KB]

The Journal No. 4 (2010)

Original Articles

  1. Wen-Yan Hu, Tsunetsugu Munakata, Sayuri Hashimoto, Wen-Jie Yang and Ying Feng:
    SAT-based Self-image Improvement Intervention to Ameliorate Anxiety in Chinese College Students PDF download
  2. F. N. Onuoha, T Munakata:
    AIDS and Human Security in Orphan Adolescents, and Sub-Saharan Africa PDF download
  3. Tsunetsugu MUNAKATA, Noriko HIGUCHI, Kazue NAKASHIMA, Kiriko MURAKAMI, Yoko WATANABE, Yutaka YAMAGUCHI, Hiroko IKENO, Yuka IWANAGA, Wen-yan HU, Yoko ICHINOSE, and Atsushi NOMOTO:
    Examining the Effects of the group intervention using SAT to ameliorate mental distress among Cancer Survivors PDF download

PDF download [PDF: 352KB]

The Journal No. 5 (2011-2012 Merger)

Short Communication

  1. Kei-Ichiro Kobayashi, and Tsunetsugu Munakata:
    Gene Expression with Chemical Modification Induced by SAT Imagery Therapy PDF download

Case Study

  1. Wen-jie Yang, Wen-Yan Hu, Yang Fu, Qing Guo:
    A Case Report of Mental Health Improvement of a Marriageable-Age Lovelorn Female by SAT Imagery Therapy PDF download

Special Contribution Paper

  1. Munakata Tsunetsugu:
    Toward SAT Theory of "Emotive Cognitive Behavior Therapy" That Promotes Changes in Behavior PDF download

PDF download [PDF: 2,625KB]

The Journal No. 6 (2013-2014 Merger)

Original article

  1. Toshiko Ueda, Wen-Yan Hu, and Tsunetsugu Munakata:
    Structured Association Technique (SAT) Imagery Work Preventing Depression through Focusing on Self-Image among Japanese Female University Students PDF download

Review article

  1. Tsunetsugu Munakata:
    From Chimerism to Structured Association Technique Imagery Therapy PDF download

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